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Work Health Solutions provide DOT examinations for those in the Auburn, NY area. DOT exams are a specialized service that can only be performed by an occupational health professional. Our staff is professional and knowledgeable about DOT protocols and medical exams to ensure all regulations are followed. “Medical Management for Your Work Source.”

DOT examinations require full compliance with the DOT. Our goal is to perform a thorough exam that is compliant with DOT regulations so that you can get your DOT Medical Certificate. Once you get your certificate, you are able to operate any commercial motor vehicle in the state of New York.

The first part of the DOT examinations is to check your eyes. We ensure your vision is adequate for when you are driving a vehicle down the road. If you require glasses, bring them to the exam even if you do not wear them all the time. We may test you both with your glasses on and with them off. The next part of the test is hearing. Bring your hearing aids if you require them.

Along with the above, we will check your pulse, blood pressure, weight, and height to ensure it is all within normal limits. We will also check your urine for protein and sugar which could be a sign of diabetes. We want to make sure you are healthy enough to safely drive a commercial motor vehicle.

We at Work Health Solutions provide DOT examinations to those in the Auburn, NY area. If you or your employer requires an exam, come see us.

We will get you in and out in no time while giving you a thorough exam. Schedule a meeting with us today!

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